L ifestyle E ducation to A ddress D iabetes

The LEAD Program is the result of a partnership between VIM Chattanooga, the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics, PlantPure Communities, and the CVS Health Foundation

CVS Health Foundation provided a $35,000 grant to develop and implement a wraparound education and nutrition program for VIM's patients with diabetes. The program has been funded for a second year with a $20,000 grant. 

Patients are recruited for a 14-day immersion course in plant-based nutrition (two meals per day provided by VIM), biometric screenings, cooking classes, health presentations, and group health coaching.

The first three groups of patients have graduated. A new group starts in August 2018.

How did this program affect the first 12 patients? Collectively, they lost 83 pounds (and continue to lose pounds weeks later), 6.75 inches off their waists, and saw a 52 point difference in their fasting blood sugar readings, in just three weeks! 

Are you a VIM patient with diabetes interested in taking advantage of this program?
Call Dr. Lilly Tryon at 423-834-7071.