Clinic Operating Statistics

Operating Statistics

VIM Successes

VIM Chattanooga delivered medical care to 436 patients with 2,586 patient visits during 2020. 

At the end of 2020, the clinic had logged well over 75,000 patient visits valued at more than $25 million at clinic rates and $109 million at conservative emergency room rates.


The clinic meets three dynamic criteria:

Meets the medical needs of low income, uninsured clients at a greatly reduced rate due to medical volunteers;

Activates more than 100 volunteers on a quarterly basis who are seeking a rewarding, worthwhile experience; and

Eases the burden on county hospitals and taxpayers by averting costly emergency care. 

Our patients are 70% Caucasian, 30% minorities, with 62% being female. Many patients are in their mid 50s to early 60s. They have primarily worked their entire adult lives but have been downsized or retired without insurance.

2020 Details

Spent: $304,451
Cost for one patient visit: $117.73
Value delivered for one patient visit: $379/clinic rate or $1,895/ER rates.