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These four short videos will provide you with easy-to-understand information designed to help you talk control of your diabetes and maybe even reverse the disease. Please complete the short survey after watching each video, as this will help us bring you more health-related information just for you. 

Topic One: 

Fat & Reversing/Improving Diabetes

It's not all about sugar and carbs! Learn how to take take control of your diabetes and your life by learning about these secrets most people with diabetes are never told. 

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Topic Two: 

All About Protein

It's not all about meat! Learn where else this critical food component is found and how eating more plants will effect your total health. 

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Topic Three: 


Most people do not get anywhere near enough fiber in their diet. A high fiber diet has been shown to lower cholesterol, blood sugar, and triglycerides. 

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Bonus Topic: 

Meal Planning Formula

But how does it all go together? Learn helpful hints on preparing a well balanced meal. 

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These videos were produced by Wendt Advertising and funded by the LEAD Jumpstart grant from the CVS Health Foundation.