Clinic Partners

Clinic Partners


Volunteers in Medicine, Chattanooga Inc. is a locally funded effort to meet the needs of our friends and neighbors who do not have regular access to medical care. Support has come from local churches, businesses, foundations and individuals. It’s easy to say “Let someone else do it,” but the VIM Chattanooga family of supporters is collectively saying “Together we can do it!” It takes all of us sharing the burden and the joy to meet this need. 

 We’re sure that you know hard working individuals who do not earn enough to purchase health insurance or whose employer cannot afford to offer health benefits? The “working uninsured” are found in every community across the country. Join us in meeting the needs of our friends and neighbors by making a tax-deductible donation or a pledge to VIM Chattanooga.

The Challenge

The medically under-served are scattered around the United States in every city and town. If you look around, it is not difficult to find them. They are our neighbors. Their lack of basic health care is not just a problem for them, but for all of us. 

At last estimate 45,658 adults of Hamilton County are uninsured and many of those (15,295 or 33.5%) have incomes below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. Many are working but do not have company sponsored health insurance and cannot afford insurance through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) exchanges. The only choices available for these individuals is to forego treatment or use emergency room facilities, which is most expensive on the health care spectrum of services and least likely to be paid by low income residents. Health and wellness is key to quality of life for any person.