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Volunteers in Medicine, Chattanooga, Inc. (VIM Chattanooga) is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) primary care clinic. Volunteer physicians and nurses provide free medical services to financially eligible adults who are uninsured. 

The mission of the VIM Chattanooga Clinic is to understand and serve the health and wellness needs of the medically underserved in our community by providing quality, compassionate and personalized care in a faith-based caring environment.

Our patients are why we exist. And every person we serve, be you a patient or a volunteer, is worth the care we give.
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VIM Chattanooga would not exist without the support of businesses, foundations, churches, and individuals. Thank you for caring about your friends and neighbors without health insurance.

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December 18, 11:45 AM ET
Thank you Christ Church for your giving spirit and ongoing dedication for our clinic! xoxo
December 11, 5:44 PM ET
Thank you Silverdale Baptist Church for supporting our services at VIM. We appreciate you!!
December 6, 1:53 PM ET

December 6, 1:15 PM ET

December 4, 11:54 AM ET
Thank you Weldon F. Osborne Foundation for your steadfast support of the VIM Clinic. We love and appreciate you!
November 28, 2:47 PM ET
Even $25 has the power to change a life #givingtuesday
November 28, 12:18 PM ET
It's #givingtuesday and of course your friendly free primary health care clinic is participating!

We have a donor willing to match gifts up to $5,000! Help VIM continue to be the clinic standing in the gap for the uninsured in the Chattanooga area.

xoxo - Ashley
November 27, 11:19 AM ET
Thank you to the Holland Family Foundation for sponsoring the clinic this week! We are so blessed to have your support!
November 20, 2:08 PM ET
Thank you to First Presbyterian Church of Chattanooga for sponsoring the clinic this week. Your devotion to our cause makes us *thankful* this week and all weeks!
November 16, 11:24 AM ET
VIM Patients - this is for you, your family, and your friends!
Dr. Lilly Tryon will be hosting this evening designed to help us stay on track during the holidays. Please RSVP! 🍴🎄
November 13, 10:36 AM ET
Thank you First-Centenary United Methodist Church for being dedicated year after year to the uninsured of Chattanooga!
November 6, 1:21 PM ET
Thank you Christ Church for being an amazing partner to Volunteers in Medicine!
October 31, 3:12 PM ET
Thank you Concord Baptist Church for sponsoring the clinic this week!
October 23, 2:53 PM ET
Call us today at 423-855-8220!
October 23, 12:24 PM ET
Thank you Covenant Presbyterian Church for sponsoring the clinic this week. We love you!!
October 23, 12:13 PM ET

October 16, 10:55 AM ET
Thank you SunTrust Bank /Foundation for sponsoring the clinic this week! We couldn't do this work without your steadfast support.
October 10, 12:11 PM ET
Our second LEAD JumpStart participants graduated last week. Here's some preliminary stats from both groups:

In just 21 days, 17 participants collectively lost 105 pounds and 11.25 inches from their waist measurements. 75% of the participants had a drop in their FBS and A1c, with an average drop in A1c of .4% in just three weeks. Lipids showed overall improvement, although it varied individually.

There were also medication changes. One participant decreased his insulin from 6 injections to 0-2 injections per day. One dropped a blood pressure pill, and another her metformin. A patient with significant osteoarthritis stopped her meloxicam due to the decrease in swelling and pain in her hands. Several stated that they no longer needed medication for GERD.

The most rewarding results were the lifestyle changes made. One participant stated, “I am eating right for the first time, and I feel good again.” Another proudly exclaimed, “I was prediabetic. But not anymore.” A favorite comment was a text message that received from a participant about two weeks after the Jumpstart ended. She wrote, “We are doing great and love our new way of eating. Thank you for helping us. It has changed our lives forever.”

Are you a VIM Patient with diabetes? Interested in making lifestyle changes to feel better? Call us today. The next JumpStart (10-days) starts November 3!

The program is funded by CVS Health Foundation with partners Southern Adventist University and Plant Pure Inc.
October 9, 11:47 AM ET
Thank you to Christ Church Women's Ministry for sponsoring the clinic this week. You are making it possible for more than 100 people to receive medical care this week!
October 9, 10:23 AM ET
Monthly LEAD group is Wednesday at 6:00 pm at the clinic!
October 8, 9:47 PM ET

September 21, 4:37 PM ET
So proud of Dr. Bowers!!!
September 12, 5:22 PM ET
Thanks Christ Church for sponsoring the clinic this week! <3 <3
September 11, 5:14 PM ET
The 11th Annual VIM Golf Classic was a huge success! We raised just over $30,000 net, which will serve 350 patients with services valued at more than $600,000. We couldn't do this without our sponsors and our underwriters, Capital Toyota, Christ Church, Warren & Griffin, P.C., and WRCB Channel 3 Eyewitness News. Most especially, thank you to Gene Williford (Glenda make sure he sees this 😉) and the entire Golf Tournament Committee for making this event awesome year after year! Photos are online here:
September 8, 1:00 PM ET
Brown Acres Golf Course

I was sick and you cared for me ...

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